Introduction to Discipline


The Thermal Energy Engineering is concerned with education and scientific research mainly in thermal energy and environment protection for fossil fuel-fired power plants. This speciality covers following three different disciplines, i.e. combustion thermal physics, thermal chemical engineering and thermal environmental engineering.

The main scientific research areas are as follows:

  • Clean and high-efficient combustion and utilization of fossil fuels
  • Combustion thermo-physics and pollutant control
  • Biomass transformation and new energy system
  • Energy saving technology and energy system conservation
  • Information processing and automatic control of energy system

The research equipments that have been accomplished include: two phase flow test rig for pulverized coal burner, multi-functional test rig of flue gas desulfurization, test rig of circulating fluidized bed combustion, drop tube furnace, test rig of flow distribution for super-heater/reheater of boiler. There are also some advanced instruments in the laboratories such as FTIR, thermal balance, heating microscope, laser particulate analyzer, thermal wire anemometer, multi-component gas analyzer,, and comlomb sulfur analyzer.