Experimental Facilities

Experimental Facilities

CreatedTime:2021-03-01 09:03:00

Clean Gasification Platform for Solid Waste

CO2 Chemical Absorption Bubbling Platform

High-temperature Drop Tube Furnace for Staged Combustion

Entrained-flow Gasification

Synthesis Gas Separation Platform

Horizontal Cyclone Combustion for High-alkali Coal

Horizontal Cyclone Furnace Cold Modeling Bench

Horizontal Cyclone Furnace Hot Modeling Bench

Gas Flame Monitoring Platform

Integrated Experimental Facility of Low NOx Combustion and Multiple Pollutants Removal

One-dimensional Drop Tube Furnace

Coal Tower Combustion Platform

Pyrolysis Platform

Drop Tube Platform

Hencken Burner Flat Flame Pulverized Coal Combustion Facility

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